401(play) Inc., a travel-as-a-benefit platform, named to “The Top Startups of 2022”

401(play) Inc., a travel-as-a-benefit platform, named to “The Top Startups of 2022”

http://www.401play.com, a travel-as-a-benefit planning and savings platform for employers has been chosen as a top Startup of 2022 by “Startup To Follow,” a premiere news organization that tracks today’s hottest startup and entrepreneurial news. Every year, “Startup to Follow,” identifies the top startup companies to keep your eye on that are changing your tomorrow and the world. “Being chosen as one of the Top Startups in 2022 is a great honor as we head into the new year.” Said Greg Nickolson, Chief Vacation Officer for 401(play), “This recognition validates 401(play)’s focus on helping companies achieve ROI on PTO. Our clients are looking for new and innovative ways to solve retention challenges and win the war on talent.”

A B2B SaaS Platform with its payroll integration capabilities, 401(play) allows organizations to improve their employer brand by demonstrating they care about their employees. “We encourage employers to contribute or match funds into their employee 401(play) accounts,” said Nickolson. “Our clients use us in so many strategic ways from new hire and retention bonuses, to rewards and recognition, to reducing PTO financial liability. By putting all the planning, financial, and booking tools on one platform we can help address the mental health, burnout, and financial stress employees are facing in today’s work environment. We are proud of the impact 401(play) is having on both the organization and individual employee lives.”

About Startup To Follow

Startup To Follow, is a premiere news organization tracking today’s hottest startup and entrepreneurial news. Startup To Follow is committed to finding and highlighting the best new companies of today that can change your tomorrow and the world.

About 401(play)

401(play) is a comprehensive benefit solution that helps companies achieve ROI on PTO through the power of PLAY. 401(play) enables organizations to offer travel as a benefit, with a company match (optional) funding account and online social platform for planning, budgeting, and booking travel. It’s like a 401(k) for vacations! For more information, visit http://www.401play.com.

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Tim Misuradze, 401(play) Inc., 323-376-4551, [email protected]

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