About 401(play)

We set out to solve America's growing vacation problem. Employees were taking less

and less vacation time each year. Nearly 800 million U.S. vacation days go unused every year,

leaving billions of dollars of liability on the books for employers!

There are four key reasons employees don't use their PAID vacation time:

Money Employees simply don't feel that they have saved the money to go on vacation.
Time Employees don't feel like they can allocate the time to get away.
Planning Employees just haven't taken the time to plan and coordinate anything with family or friends.
Company Culture Employees often feel workplace pressures of guilt, fear, and penalization.

What can 401(play) do for you?

For the Employee

401(play) has been helping employees achieve their travel dreams and a healthier work-life balance by setting aside a portion of each paycheck into an FDIC-insured Vacation Funding Account, or “VFA,” for future vacations. Our comprehensive solution was developed to be part travel booking site, part budget and planning tool, and part social network. 401(play) gives employees:

Increased heart and mental health

Stronger familial bonds

Higher inspiration and fulfilment

For the Employer

With 401(play), employers see happier and healthier employees that become more productive and efficient at work, significantly impacting company growth. Organizations can offer 401(play) not only as a great new employee benefit, but also as part of their overall Talent Management strategy to help increase the acquisition, retention, and engagement of their workforce. 401(play) helps companies achieve:

Higher productivity and efficiency

Stronger company morale and engagement

Increased retention rates