Offer your employees a new type of benefit: fund-matched vacations!

Plan, Socialize, Save, and Travel

401(play) is a comprehensive solution for employee vacations. We enable companies to offer travel as a benefit, with a company

match funding account and online social platform for planning, budgeting, and booking vacations. It’s like a 401(k) for vacations!

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How does it work?


We set aside a portion of each employee's paycheck into an FDIC Insured Vacation Funding Account, or VFA.


Employees are invited to our social site, where they can see their VFA and our comprehensive suite of vacation planning tools.


Employees plan, budget, and book their vacation all on one platform!


Company Match &


Planning, Budgeting,

and Booking

Member Only Travel


Meaningful Rewards

Our Mission:

Achieving business results through the power of play.

Why is it so important to take a vacation?

401(play) is strategic to your organization and impacts key performance

metrics that help grow your company. Who knew 'play' was so important?

Employee Benefits

Increased heart and mental health

Stronger familial bonds

Higher inspiration and fulfilment

Employer Benefits

Stronger company morale and engagement

Higher productivity and efficiency

Increased retention rates

"Rewarding employees in a meaningful way reduces turnover rates by 31% and rewarded employees are two times less likely to quit."

401(play) Market Research Study, July 2020

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