401(play) Executive Team

Greg Nickolson

CEO – Founder

Greg is a serial entrepreneur that specializes in leading technology companies. He is passionate about travel and the outdoors. Kauai, HI is his vacation destination of choice.

Tim Misuradze


Tim has been building and selling large enterprise solutions in HR technology and consulting for some of the most admired companies in the world. He has visited over 35 National Parks and the Greek Islands is his all-time favorite vacation destination.

Laurie Brednich

VP, Benefit Solutions

Laurie has served in executive benefit roles for some of the biggest brands in the world and was honored to be part of the top 300 Women in HR technology. She loves to cruise and lay on white sandy beaches in the Caribbean. Her dream vacation is taking the Orient Express through Europe.

Gary Avery


Gary has served in management and executive roles in strategic planning, business development, and project management with Fortune 500 Biotech and Pharma clients for nearly 20 years. Spain is his favorite travel destination (It’s where his wife, Marta, is from).

Hisham Malik


Hisham is passionate about building teams for the next generation of software engineers, product managers, and designers to deliver high quality software and products that can be rapidly developed and deployed. Mabali Island is his favorite place to vacation.