401(play) Names New Executive To Lead Benefit Solutions Group

401(play) Names New Executive To Lead Benefit Solutions Group

Laurie Brednich joins 401(play) as Vice President, Vacation Benefits. Ms. Brednich comes with a wealth of employee benefits experience from planning, directing, and designing all the way to implementing, communicating, and administering organization health and welfare benefits programs. She is a major supporter of leveraging vacation time to revitalize employee mental health and wellbeing while impacting overall company performance and is a frequent speaker on this topic in how utilizing scheduled PTO creates positive ROI for organizations.

“We are excited to welcome Laurie Brednich to the 401(play) team. Her deep benefit and PTO experience from some of the biggest brands in the market along with her innovative entrepreneurial skills and spirit make her the perfect addition to help add value to our clients,” said Greg Nickolson, 401(play) Chief Vacation Officer. “Our customers expect us to help advise and share our expertise around benefits and Ms. Brednich will help lead our team in this area.”

Prior to joining 401(play) Ms. Brednich has either led or been part of many Employee Benefits teams for best-in-class companies including American Standard, National Basketball Association, Pinnacle Foods (makers of iconic food brands including Duncan Hines and Swanson Hungry Man dinners) and GoDaddy, just to name a few. In these roles she has worked to enhance employee PTO plans to allow employees adequate opportunities to refresh, recharge, relax and balance the needs of their everyday lives.

Ms. Brednich has also been quoted online and in many magazines, including Inc. and Essence as an expert in health and wellness on this topic and has also been quoted on many websites sharing her knowledge of how taking quality scheduled vacation time impacts organizations key performance metrics and bottom line.

About 401(play)

401(play) is an innovative employee benefit offering that is changing how employees and employers view PTO. 401(play) Vacation Funding Accounts (VFA) take a more modern approach to improving employee mental wellbeing by providing tools to leverage their Paid Time Off (PTO) through meaningful vacations. The 401(play) set of tools allows employees to save for vacations travel through payroll deductions and purchase vacation accommodations at a discount. To schedule an appointment to learn how 401(play) can enhance your employee benefit offering visit http://www.401play.com.

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